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Anyone who is in or has been in a relationship knows that it needs constant hard work and communication from both parties to make it work. 

In this week’s episode of the Average Sucks podcast, I sat down with Slade and Diane Carlson, owners of Core Chiropractic Arizona.

Before Slade and Diane launched their practice, they were at a loss about how they would be able to work together. They wanted to find a way to make the relationship become something that grows in their lives.

Each of them had a bustling career of their own. Slade was working on his radio show while Diane was busy with her career as a chiropractor. They’ve had a brief relationship before Slade moved to San Diego and took part in the Core Strength Experience course. 

After a year, they’ve reunited again and Diane found significant changes in Slade. He was now better at communicating, more relaxed. Whereas in the past, he used to run away so much. 

It’s evident that Core made Slade better at communicating what he thinks and feels, sparking the chain reaction of them they were able to get married, open up a practice, get it in operation, and move twice all for the sake of the relationship they’ve decided to build. 

In our conversation, Slade and Diane share the secrets behind successfully working together with your spouse. They give helpful recommendations such as switching one’s mood to help separate relationship issues from work as well as the effective communication methods everyone must learn to do in every relationship.

If you’re ever in that position of not knowing what to do to improve the communication within your relationships – this is the podcast you surely can’t miss. 

During our conversation, they were able to provide valuable advice for couples who are considering working together. Among many great inputs, they shared…

“Fix yourself first and build that life that you want instead of waiting for somebody to come rescue you or save you“

“Drop the fear of change, the fear of making a decision, the fear of what might happen, the what-ifs. If you don’t you’re gonna lay in there wondering why you didn’t at the end of the day.”

Relationships can be the most powerful part of someone’s life or the most painful. It only matters who you ensure it with and how you plan on going past the obstacles that threaten the relationship. 

Listen to this podcast to learn how Slade and Diane have moved past their troubles with communication in their past relationship and used it to change their new life together for the better. You’ll gain insights and tips to improve your own relationships so you can RAISE THAT AVERAGE!