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Anyone that has an entrepreneurial streak in them knows that along with that excitement, freedom and payoff comes a ton of hard work, frustration, tenacity and patience.

In this week’s episode of the Average Sucks podcast, I sat down with Brint Hiatt, Managing Attorney at HPS Law Group LLC.

Anyone can take a look at Brint and easily see he’s a guy who has it all. He’s a work hard, play hard kind of a guy who has a wonderful family; a beautiful wife, five healthy children, a successful business and still makes time for travel, date night and personal development events.

He has a lot of great stuff going on. 

However, he’s still not where he wants to be in life because he has an entirely new level he wants to reach. 

He wants to Raise His Average.

In our conversation Brint shares stories about the challenges he’s faced growing his business and managing his responsibilities while he had to push past the thoughts and beliefs that were keeping him stuck.  

If you’ve ever questioned whether you can trust the people around you, or you’ve felt anxious about the decisions you’re making – this is a podcast you’ll definitely want to listen to. 

And…As you listen to Brint and I talk about where his lack of trust came from you may just find yourself realizing where your own frustrations come from and finally be able to put them aside.

You know the old school saying “Expectations minus reality equals frustration.”

During our conversation, Brint and I helped uncover the truth behind his frustration by giving him another perspective and resetting his expectations. Among many other great questions, I asked him…

What if you can teach people to be better than you? 

What if you allowed people to be better than you?

What if the only thing that’s stopping you is that you’re incorrect?

As entrepreneurs, we’re all drawn to the idea that only we are the ones that can do the best job for our companies, when in fact, we’re simply setting ourselves up for failure when we try and get help from other people to do what we ask them to and expect them to do exactly as we do. 

Listen to this podcast to learn how Brint pushed past these typical business challenges.  You’ll gain strategies you can use to improve your own life and business and…Raise That Average!

The best is yet to come,
Michael Bernoff