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The CHALLENGES we face on a daily basis can make or break the chances we have at excelling in what we do. How come? Because challenges don’t always present themselves to people beforehand. Oftentimes, they’re unexpected, further complicating our process of growth. 

So whether it’s becoming healthier, getting in better shape, or turning your life around, your attitude towards the challenges should not lead you to quit, but to aspire you to overcome them one by one. 

Joining my podcast this week is a student and a good friend of mine, Scott Giltner. Being an OIF veteran and a Spartan Elite, Scott shares stories about his struggles with alcoholism, bad habits, and becoming number one at the things he wants to excel in. 

Scott found a healthy outlet by joining Spartan races. These races not only boosted his confidence and following but had given him a healthy perspective in life, pushing him further away from the unhealthy lifestyle he had led. Today, he’s consistently aiming to do better than he did yesterday and helping push others to RAISE HIS AVERAGE and BECOME #1

Finding a healthy outlet is just one of the many solutions that you can do to overcome the challenges you have in life. It only matters that you take advantage of them in order to reach your goals and help others achieve the same things!

The best is yet to come,
Michael Bernoff