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It’s true, trauma can prevent you from achieving GREATER THINGS IN LIFE.
When something bad happens to someone, they have a choice. They can either use it as a motivator to succeed…or get sucked up in the trap of avoidance, addiction and a life full of twists and turns down roads going nowhere.

Bad day at work? Eat junk.

Things with the spouse are getting rocky? Drink.

Can’t cope with the loss of a loved one? Take a few pills.

People that have experienced pain and trauma often have unhealthy ways of dealing with the hurt…and they often times walk day in and day out faking it…masking the pain and sadness.

And why? Because they hiding is easier than dealing with the pain.

That’s exactly what my guest, Theo Fleury, did for many years. While maintaining what looked like a functioning life on the outside, even while playing in the NHL, Theo filled his life with bad decisions, addictions and chaos. In my podcast this week you’ll hear this really cool conversation I had with Theo, former NHL player and author of “Playing with Fire.” He’s an advocate-turned-activist who spent years fighting for mental health and addiction. He shares stories about his early life as a hockey player, his traumas, his experiences as a motivational speaker, and his insights about overcoming trauma and the best kind of treatment anyone can get for free.

Listen to this podcast and learn from THEO how he rewired his brain against trauma.

Theo knew that if he didn’t learn to rewire his thoughts, he would eventually return to making bad (average) choices that led him down a destructive path. And as we say here, AVERAGE SUCKS.

Listen to this, especially If you’ve ever wanted to ditch the victim mentality and bring out the winner you know is inside you, you’ll want to watch this episode now!

The best is yet to come,
Michael Bernoff