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3 Things the Millennials are Doing Better

You’re going along, doing your thing, and working hard to get ahead. You know what it takes…put in the effort, make good decisions, finish what you start. 

Yet there’s always those things that “the man behind the curtain” knows, and you don’t. 

The cool thing you’ll discover in this episode is that the millennials are constantly searching and evaluating their world to get a really great picture of what’s going on around them and how they can get ahead.

During my interview with my most recent guest, Anton Liberopoulos, who is the epitome of today’s millennial, we learn how Anton set out on a quest to figure out his life and why he was having highs and lows in his success. Along the way he learned that powerful communication is what controls everyone’s success; so he spent his time, energy and money learning how to be a master communicator. 

And if Anton hadn’t taken the steps to figure it out for himself, we’d never have met, he’d have taken a lot longer to reach his success, and he likely wouldn’t have been a guest on my show!  Because he would have been living an average life…which sucks.

Anton sends a compelling message to anyone who learned to work doggedly for years with the hopes of a big payoff later.  On this episode of The Average Sucks Show, you’ll have the opportunity to hear first hand how Anton’s millennial nature led him to uncover exactly how to change his life so he could live the life he wanted, from improving his communication to slowing down his mind and basically re-wiring his brain to be consistently happier.