Making it work – Juggling family, work and self without dropping the balls

Speaking with my wife Debra, in this episode of The Average Sucks Show we discuss the challenges entrepreneurs have when juggling work with family.

Entrepreneurs have one big thing in common and that is managing their lives while managing a business that can never be “left at the office.” The overlap of their work/home life can be intense and in this episode we hit these challenges head on, discussing the challenges we faced in 2019 and the plans for 2020.

Debra brings to the table some of the “tricks” she uses to make sure she is at all our girls’ activities, exercising, eating healthy and doing things she loves, all while running our company. She’ll share how she consistently raises her own average each year with strategies to minimize overwhelm, knocking off more tasks in one day then most people accomplish in a week all while making it look effortless.

As Debra and I chat on this episode you’ll have the opportunity to incorporate what you hear into your own 2020 plan to make it a whole lot more fun in the process!