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You’ve got a life plan. 

It goes great. Until it doesn’t.

Ever catch sight of yourself in a mirror and are surprised by what you see? 

What you do when life hands you lemons will either bury you or strengthen you beyond measure.

Our special guest in our Average Sucks Podcast has been through the fire and came back to help others. Natalie Jill is a former medical device sales professional who had risen to national sales director. She got married, bought a house, and had a daughter along the way. 

Life was awesome!

It should have been…and yet still…her marriage fell apart while she was pregnant. She fell into a depression, watched her finances dwindle and threaten her home, and gained more than 60 pounds. Worse, she felt hopeless.

Then, she had a series of epiphanies that triggered her comeback:

  • She caught her reflection in a mirror and saw she was not who she wanted to be – overweight, depressed, overwhelmed and alone.
  • She watched a television show where she was reminded of the importance of focusing on the possibility instead of the problem.
  • She chose to focus on where she wanted to go and who she wanted to be, instead of “what was” at that moment.

Her story continues to inspire from there. 

She turned it all around and now is a renowned fitness and fat loss expert at Natalie Jill Fitness. She transforms people’s lives as they navigate their midlife challenges. Her clients in midlife don’t feel alone, stuck, and overwhelmed. 

You don’t want to miss this extraordinary conversation with an extraordinary entrepreneur and leader! Head over now to hear her moving story in our Average Sucks Podcast. It was a pleasure and an honor to speak with her – and you’ll see why.