“Don’t worry when the coach is yelling at you, worry when he stops.”

Speaking with my very special guest and world-famous sports broadcaster, Mike Goldberg. In this episode of The Average Sucks Show we discuss what it takes to be great.

Beginning his sports career as a hockey player at the age of five, Mike shares with us the fundamental lessons he learned all along the way from coaches and mentors, which paved the way for an incredibly successful career in broadcast.

Now, decades later Mike’s illustrious career as a broadcast career precedes him. Whether ringside at a UFC or Bellator MMA fight or one of 900+ NHL games he’s helped bring to life for millions of fans. His life lessons are powerful and valuable to hear, no matter where you are on your quest to achieve personal greatness.

I’m very excited to share with you Episode Three, filled with these valuable lessons:

  • How to set goals high enough so you succeed even if you don’t reach your target’
  • How to be your best even when you don’t think it matters
  • How to deal with the ‘hate mail’ in life
  • How to take criticism when you’re focused on perfection
  • How to decide to be great

As Mike and I chat on this episode you’ll have the opportunity to use what you hear to map your own path to greatness!

Remember, The Best Is Yet To Come,
Michael Bernoff