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Warning: This Average Sucks Podcast starts out in a dark place. 

Drug addiction, drug dealing, and even worse. Our guest at 15 found himself outrunning the police. For a while, he descended deeper and deeper into a dark world. 

You wouldn’t expect a life that starts out that way to head into a sunlit place of serving others and making a powerful difference in their lives. 

But that’s where Dan Martell, a successful SaaS entrepreneur coach, did and that’s the life he lives now. Dan helps grateful SaaS CEOs scale their business and remove the “time assassins” that wreck their lives. He helps them be successful and get their time (and life!) back. 

Watch this special episode of the Average Sucks Podcast to hear how Dan:

  • Overcame addiction and illicit business enterprises
  • Learned the hard way the entrepreneurial skills that kept him going 
  • Worked too hard and had too little to show for it
  • Leveraged skills ranging from coping with uncertainty to finding the right people
  • Scaled his business with a reproducible process that can help others. 

Watch this entire powerful conversation. You don’t want to miss Dan’s story and apply the key lessons to your life (and boost your average). 

It was an honor and privilege speaking with my friend Dan. No matter where you are today on your journey, you’ll find real value in hearing his story.