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How to bring a new community into your life (and your soul) is the focus of this month’s incredible podcast.

You’ll be thrilled to meet Tori Totlis, a powerful entrepreneur and athlete who founded Compete Confidence Golf, Phoenix. Tori created a way for women to connect more deeply in their lives through the game of golf – showing women how to go from the beginner stage all the way to expert-level. And doing so with a supportive community where they’ll make new friends, share laughter and make memories.

From beginner-friendly courses that kick-start your journey, to carefully curated practice programs that sharpen your short game, and comprehensive six-week practice plans – Tori offers options to improve your game no matter how well you can putt and swing. She hosts action packed women’s tournaments, including her signature event The Desert Classic in Phoenix. And if that’s not enough, she hosts luxurious golf retreats set against the backdrop of world-class courses across the globe. Tori’s world of golf is nothing short of extraordinary.

Tori is also the 2022 Arizona Golf Association Women’s Golfer of the Year. And she produces “T-Time with Tori”, her podcast that shows strategies, inspiration and motivation on women’s golf – with weekly guests who share their wins, losses and challenges.

She’s a woman that knows how to make things happen.

Come join us in the inspiring podcast conversation with Tori. She’ll share:

  • Why making new friends as a grown-up can be quite a challenge, and some great ways to connect with others, build some awesome relationships with people who are positive and supportive.
  • The highly effective practice plan her coach gave her as a teen golfer that inspired her career. It’s the same plan she uses as a model for her courses, which brings great results.
  • 4 essential keys to elevate your golf game. Whether you’re aiming for immediate improvements or long-term mastery, Tori knows what game-changing strategies to focus on – from the right equipment to navigating a course and most importantly…taking a swing well past your comfort zone.

Tee up and hold on to your visors as you level up your golf journey! You won’t be hearing routine golf tips from this lady – there’s a lot more to this great conversation and you definitely will want to hear it.

It was a joy and privilege to sit down with Tori and hear her insights into raising your average through community, soul work, and the game of golf. To become ABOVE AVERAGE (and lower your handicap), take Tori’s words to heart.