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Eliminating limiting beliefs and ideas is what led our guest on The Average Sucks Show to achieve success, prosperity and peace.

Jonathan Maynard is owner of The Huge Convention, one of the biggest conventions in the world and in this episode, Jonathan takes us on a powerful journey into the mind of an “accidental” entrepreneur. He shares how he went from a lucrative career in the IT world to starting and selling multiple businesses as he achieved his personal goals to spend more time with family.

Come join us for this warm conversation with a wonderful person who is eager to share what he knows and to serve others, including:

  • If you want more time for family and to travel and to do other things in life, avoid buying into limited beliefs that say that’s for someone else but not you – it is possible for you and do not let an off-target belief stop you before you start. Even if it sounds like a crazy idea at first.
  • Free yourself from expectations of what you “should do” versus what makes entrepreneurial sense to do. Jonathan wanted more time with his family and to travel – and realized his IT career was never going to take him there. So he looked for what made sense entrepreneurially.
  • Why you should remain open to opportunity wherever you might find it–Jonathan was inspired by a line at a kettle corn stand at an apple orchard. He did the math, started a business that his family could join him in, and pretty soon was counting $5,000 in cash around the dining room table with his family from a weekend take.
  • And of course, crush those limited beliefs. Too many entrepreneurs lose out because they have the ownership mindset of “only I can do this … nobody can do this as good as I can.” That’s a fallacy and Jonathan gives you the formula for when you should turn something over.

Plus, much more …

It was an honor to have Jonathan Maynard join us on The Average Sucks Show. You’’ll definitely want to listen in to gain insight into your own life as you hear Jonathan’s approach to all around success.