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You’re hiking with a team through the Grand Canyon. 

The plan is simple: You’ll go from one rim to another and back (46 total miles over rough, steep trails) and do the whole trip from sunrise to sunset. 

Thirteen miles in, you suffer a setback: You roll your ankle and break a bone. You keep going and finish despite the pain. What’s your take-home lesson? 

Our amazing podcast guest Brad Weimert says if he hadn’t broken his ankle, “It wouldn’t be as cool a story.”

Brad is an absolute rock star. He’s the founder of Easy Pay Direct, a merchant account company for “high-risk” industries. Before that, he was a legendary (seriously) highest-selling  Cutco sales person in the world. And now he’s a dedicated endurance athlete.

As you’d expect, Brad is a student of performance and of mindset – and obsessed with pushing the envelope. 

Come join us on this amazing podcast conversation with him, because Brad has so many gems to offer you’re going to want to keep stopping the interview to chew on what he’s said. Among them: 

  • If you want to participate in the outcome of a team, you will not help anyone if you complain about an injury. Choose what you will do and do that!
  • Set goals that are realistic, but far enough outside of your comfort zone they scare you. Brad says when a goal scares him a little, his other behaviors fall into line so he achieves his goals. 
  • There are two different ways to prepare for a big goal: (1)The “step up” where you build up your capacity, but set a stretch goal for “game day.” (2) Or the opposite, where you’ve already completed the goal in practice a few times, and go into game day knowing you can perform. Choose the one that works best with your own mindset. 

Plus, Brad gives us the secret to endurance in business and sports and life!

There’s a lot more great stuff in this conversation (including about flying to Fiji with a team)! 

I loved every second of speaking with Brad and you will be changed just by listening to him.

It was an honor to have Brad Weimert join us on The Average Sucks Show. To become ABOVE AVERAGE, listen and apply to what Brad does and says!