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So how do you live your dreams…?

Well the first thing is that it’s not only just about your dreams, it’s about helping those in your life live their dreams as well!

And that’s what is covered in this amazing episode of The Average Sucks Show!

Who would think that one of the largest garage door companies in the world started by an incredible man, who got his start in the restaurant business, would be run in such a powerful way that helps him, his team, his customers, and even his competitors live a better life.

After listening to this episode, where I interviewed the founder of A1 Garage Door Service, Tommy Mello, you’re going to see very quickly how the mindset of Tommy works and how his process is something you can start using in your life and in your business.

Hearing the story of how Tommy went from painting garage doors to running a company doing over $200 million dollars a year is not even the most impactful part of the story…

The biggest part of the story is the psychology he puts into working with his team and how it’s changing the entire look and feel of the service industry. He gives incredible advice about growing your team + business, hiring, and retention.

No matter what business you have or if you run the business of your life + family, this episode is going to give you many gold nuggets…and the best part is Tommy has a way of helping you learn all of these ideas directly from him through his storytelling.

It is and was an honor to have Tommy Mello, the founder of A1 Garage Door Service, join us on The Average Sucks Show. He is truly a man who lives every aspect of his life ABOVE AVERAGE!