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Being vs. Becoming…

That’s the theme of just an extraordinary conversation in our latest Podcast with best-selling author and coach Ray Higdon.

Ray’s story is intriguing and inspiring… In his own life, he went from foreclosure to generating multi-millions in a few short years. He takes what he learned and coaches with 8- and 9-figure executives and business professionals striving to succeed.

Through his own life and his clients he’s realized that most people put off seeking joy. They “wait” until they reach some far off goal before they allow themselves a small pleasure. They focus on business and walk around with unfinished business in their head, waiting until one day to make peace with things in their past. They procrastinate on the most important thing in the world…themselves.
Some of these high powered execs make the 50 million mark, and still aren’t satisfied… and it’s only then give themselves permission to seek joy.


Because they feel they can’t seek high levels of success at the same time… they can’t go for the money, for the success, for delivering high levels of value in the marketplace WHILE at the same time seeking the healing and forgiveness they crave.

No matter what level of success you’re at, chances are you’ve found yourself avoiding things that would bring you inner joy because…there’s just not enough time.

Ray Higdon made a decision to defy that stereotypical way of living. He wanted success yet didn’t want to only have financial success – he wanted to feel it in every aspect of his life.

You will want to listen in to our passionate discussion – I am honored to have Ray on the Average Sucks Podcast and know you’ll find the conversation extremely useful to you right now.

There’s no better time than now to build JOY into your life.