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Stay True, Stay Bold, Be F***ing Nice: How One Entrepreneur Took Her Business From Surviving to Booming During the Shutdown

Who says the customer is always right? Susie Diamond believes the traditional view of customer service is not always the way to go. When customers ignore her store’s mantra, “Be F**king Nice!” they learn there’s an “or else” unspoken at the end. 

You might as well be bold, because the future of business is BOLD, says Diamond, the successful CEO and Owner of Scottsdale’s Rolling Rack Boutique told Michael Bernoff in our newest Podcast. 

Diamond’s destination boutique can be better described as “experience” than a store. She started out of a single truck of Rose Gold Chrome Wrap, Selfie Station, Faux fur ceilings and Chandeliers. She expanded to a 6,000 sq. ft. location in one of the most sought-after malls in the state, and has been invited to set up shop at Coachella’s music festival. 

How did she do it? She says life changes the moment you decide “Enough is enough.” As the daughter of a professional gambler, Diamond goes all in business and the podcast and shares what drove her to take the risk of starting a business and why she will never put off chasing her dream life ever again.

 *P.S. Listen to the end to hear Diamond’s story on how she turned one bad Yelp review into $22K in sales in two days. The future of business is BOLD. Be ready!