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I have to keep my doors open! 

Across the United States (and across the world for that matter) communities are greatly struggling.  COVID19 and politics and unemployment and the mental health crisis well…the list of all the things that are not going well is long and lengthy.  

Every day coaches like myself get asked the same thing – and it’s a version of this question: “How can I keep my business alive?”

And every day I answer the question with answers, suggestions – ideas to implement, thoughts to consider – all of which are helping people gain and keep customers. 

Yet in this podcast, I publicly share the choices I personally made in my business to keep my business growing during the pandemic.  In this conversation I share my unfiltered perspective of what has and hasn’t gone well, what I’m planning next and why you don’t have to accept defeat. 

There are things you can do to stay on track.  

Listen to this podcast to walk away with ideas you can immediately incorporate into your own business. 

We are all going to make it, but how are you going to make it work?