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How will you handle all this pressure?

There’s an intense amount of pressure people are feeling right now and it’s because they can’t make things happen the same way they used to.  When you have a way of growing your business, of operating your life, and all of a sudden that way won’t work anymore, it puts your brain on overdrive.

So you begin to think things to yourself, like:

  1. Can’t leave your house.
  2. Kids can’t go to school.
  3. Can’t run your business the same way.
  4. Can’t make enough money.
  5. Can’t pay your bills.
  6. Can’t get toilet paper.
  7. Can’t stop being afraid of getting sick.
  8. Can’t understand what’s happening in the news.
  9. Can’t believe what’s happening in the world.
  10. Can’t go out without a mask.

These are just some of the whirlwind of thoughts that many people are having over and over again over the past few months.  The pressure is intense.  Panic, frustration and fear.

Now let me say this – some are handling it better than others. 

Why?  You’ll find the answer as you listen to my latest podcast “Unrealistic Expectations” where I hit head on the scrambling of thoughts in your head that ratchets up the pressure.  

What expectations do you have for yourself now that businesses are beginning to open up again.  Are you rushing in a mad dash to make up for lost time and putting intense pressure on yourself to make money fast?  Are you freaked out about putting out the money you need to operate your business (spending money to make money) when it’s uncertain how the market will hold up?    

There are a lot of people that are feeling intense pressure and it’s based on their unrealistic expectations. 

What should you expect for yourself?  

What’s reasonable and intelligent as your next move? 

How fast do you need to move?

Join me to learn a powerful new perspective to shift your thinking, move you forward and open up the door for more results than ever. 

Realistic Expectations with MIchael Bernoff