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This episode of The Average Sucks Show with Shaun Alexander dispels the idea that changing your life is a long, exhausting uphill battle. 

Because once you make a decision that it’s time to go from who you are now to who you were meant to be…

Raising your average can happen in an instant

And, once you do it, you’ll never, ever look back. 

In Shaun’s case, raising his average happened with a little help from Justin Bieber (and a heated encounter they had). 

In this episode, Shaun shares how he suffered for years after his brother’s suicide and how nightmares surrounding it kept him from sleeping more than a few hours a night for almost 10 years. He’d become a shell of the man he used to be. He’d lost himself to despair and didn’t know how to get back

But he did get back. Not to the person he was before, but to a better version of himself

(And what’s really cool is his wife says she can “see the guy she married again,” and his marriage is better than ever!) 

His business is booming (including closing a $1 million deal for a new company). 

He’s sleeping at night. 

Most importantly…raising his average has opened up the possibilities to what he wants to do

Shaun says “If you don’t kill the root, it’s going to come back again.” 

He killed the root. And you can, too. Do yourself–and your life–a favor and watch this powerful episode right now. 

Remember, The Best Is Yet To Come,

Michael Bernoff