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On this week’s episode of the Average Sucks podcast, I sat down with Zach Bensen, founder of Assistagram, a company with a network of 220 million followers that guides influencers and Fortune 500 companies into social media success. 

Hotels and even countries around the world invite him to stay in some of the coolest places–for free. 

More impressive is that he built his company in 3 years, and still has time to manage his own Instagram network of millions. 

Yes, he’s successful. 

But, as you’ll hear, it’s because he’s relentless about living an above average life.

In our conversation, Zac shares how he went from being a broke, professional breakdancer to being on So You Think You Can Dance and building a global 6-figure dance academy to running a multimillion dollar company with a network of 220 million Instagram followers

But it’s the stories in between his successes–how he lived on $2 a day for an entire year, let down his parents numerous times, got fired, destroyed his dance career due to injury, and struggled with depression–that’s really inspiring…

The key moments where he was faced with adversity, disappointment, and failure, and refused to accept defeat

We all have these moments in our lives. Yet, far too few of us take that leap of faith and don’t stop moving forward toward our dreams. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or influencer, make it a priority to listen to this episode because Zac shares a few insider tips including… 

  • How to get yourself out there and build a social tribe to increase your influence.
  • The #1 mental shift you need to have if you want to influence others online.
  • His top 3 pieces of advice for brands wanting to sell on Instagram

Zac and I also discuss his simple formula for how to succeed on and offline. It’s so simple, it will blow your mind. And it’s a formula anyone can implement immediately.